Our program is designed to provide children a quality afternoon experience at the school consistent and supportive of our Waldorf Community. Activities are designed in a rhythmic flow that enables children to have a snack and rest along with an organized craft and outdoor play.

Pre-registration is required for all children including families who may only need “drop in” care.  Please pre-register in the office so we have any necessary medical, transportation and emergency contact information.

Our play takes many forms: Dramatic play, games and conversations, book reading, knitting, drawing, clay modeling are sometimes the activity of choice and we take time every day to be outside on our 11 acre campus which has several playgrounds, open fields, gardens, and its own small forest.

Arrival Times: Early Childhood: 12:30pm; Grades 1-2: 2:00pm; Grades 3-5: 3:15pm

Afternoon Rhythm

Early Childhood:

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Lay on mats for rest (some will sleep) A story is read for about 30-45 min

2:00 Free play/crafts

2:45 Clean-up

3:00 Snack

3:20 Outside (meet up with grades provider)

4:00 Inside in Grades room-craft or art project

5:30 Good-bye


2:00 Grades 1-2 Free play

3:15 Grades 1-8 Snack

3:30 Grades 1-8 Go outside/gym – meet up with Early Childhood

4:00 Grades PreK-8 Crafts

5:30 Good-bye

Full Day Rhythm

Early Childhood & Grades Extended Day Program (February Conference, etc.):

8:30 Free play/children arrive

9:30 Snack

10:00 Outside Play

11:00 Crafts/Cooking

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Story/Rest time

1:00 Outside Play

1:45 Crafts

3:00 Snack

3:30 Free play

5:00 Clean-up

5:30 Good-bye