The Board of Trustees is one of the groups that provide leadership at Corvallis Waldorf School. Members of the Board come from the parent body, the faculty, and the Corvallis community. Board meetings occur monthly and are open to parents and employees, the first ten minutes of every meeting are reserved for parents to speak to the Board. The main tasks of the Board are to oversee the financial stability and legal well-being of the school. Decisions are made with the philosophies of Waldorf education firmly in mind.

The Board provides leadership in developing and carrying out the long-term vision and mission of the school while working collaboratively with its teachers, administration and parents. The Board, the Faculty and the Parent Council comprise the three leadership bodies working together to nurture the healthy growth and development of the Corvallis Waldorf School.

Current Board Members

Hans Hlawaty – President & Treasurer

Fred Bahnson – Secretary

Ron Collins – Parent Rep

Cassady Thomas – Parent Rep

Wendy Willard –Faculty member and College of Teachers Representative

Chris Highfield – Faculty member and College of Teachers Representative

Nick Pereira – Parent Rep

Jeff Hume – Parent Rep

Zachary McCorkhill – Parent Rep