Play Season has begun!

We have many little plays in the Early Childhood classes but did you know that each grade does a class play every year? In the springtime there is great demand on the costume cupboard and practice time in the gym is at a premium. This morning there were third graders dressed in desert robes excitedly preparing for their performance of “The Twelve Brothers of Jacob Israel” and as I write, their parents and special friends are arriving for this special event. We have three more plays scheduled for March – the sixth, second and fourth grade will all be busy learning their lines and working together to create their own dramatic magic.

We carefully stress the process of producing a play and the teachers take great care to choose plays and assign roles that will suit the developmental stages of their students.  While a class works on a play it is almost as if they go into a special sort of hibernation and the classroom becomes a hive of activity.  Of course the parents are needed to be special helpers in costuming, props and more.  During the learning of the lines and blocking practice the students begin to understand and support each other in new ways.  It can seem a bit chaotic but in all of that activity new threads are created that bind the class together socially.

In the final production there may be a forgotten line here or there (which is often supplied by the other actors) and someone may forget to enter or exit at exactly the right time but we can almost feel the class pulling together as a group to create something delightful.  It is delightful but shows how collaborative artistic work bears many fruits.

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