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New Website!Along with the new logo, it was decided that it was time to update our website. Our designer created an open and easy to navigate look and there is plenty of good information for both prospective and current parents. We are still working on our parent portal which will have a section for each class and easy-to-download forms that our families need. I hope it will serve our community well.

While working on this project I had some opportunity to sit right in the middle of a paradox. I was creating a lot of online content and thinking how different elements would look on a screen. At the same time I am the administrator of a Waldorf School and raised my children with no screen time till after puberty. I know that I rely on computers, smartphones and the like everyday, like most of the families in our school. This isn’t going to change anytime soon. I was reminded of a series in the NY Times in 2010 about how the deluge of data that we are subjected to is affecting the way people think and behave when I opened (“clicked”) the Waldorf Today Newsletter and read this interesting article about the risks of Parenting While Plugged In by Julie Scelfo. The final quote in the article from a mother and blogger who instituted a screen-free time from 4pm to 8pm every night for herself to the relief of her children made an important point:

“You can’t really do both,” she added. “If I’m at all connected, it’s too tempting. I need to make a distinct choice.”

So I guess I am saying – check out our new website!  Like us on Facebook! but, after the kids are asleep. Enjoy this short video: Disconnect to Connect.

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  1. The new website looks GREAT! And I’m not saying that just because my daughter is a cover girl :) I look forward to the new parent portal and being able to access the parent directory electronically. Thanks for the good work!

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